In Spite of Everything... (2015) (Robbins) (publisher) (Amazon)

Review by WordGathering September 2015

Deaf Publications:

ALDA Reader (2006)

The Tactile Mind – Clayton (2005)

The Tactile Mind Quarterly (Summer, 2004)


Deaf Lit Extravaganza (2013) (J.L. Clark) (title links to Amazon)

Beyond Lament (1998)  (M.M. Striar, ed.)  (title links to Amazon)

Blood to Remember (2002)  (C.A. Fishman, ed.)

Deaf American Poetry (2009)  (J.L. Clark, ed.) (title links to Amazon)

No Wall of Stones (1992)  (J. Jepson,ed.) (title links to Amazon)

The Deaf Way II Anthology (2002)  (T. Stremlau. ed.) (title links to Amazon)

Online Publications:

The Blue Jew Yorker (2008) (title links to publication)

Wordgathering (September, 2009) (title links to publication)

Non-Literary Publications:

NYU Deafness Center Bulletin (1972)

On the Edge of Deaf Culture (2000)  (T. Bull, ed.)

The Second Jewish Catalogue (1976) (M. Strassfeld, ed)

Visualizations of a Silent Voice: A Deaf Poet’s View (1991) in Visual Communication: Bridging Across Cultures, The International Visual Literacy Association